Disadesign is born from a deep understanding of the unmet needs in the market, especially for the LGBTQ+ and Hispanic community. Have you ever felt judged when looking for a personalized gift? Have you had a brilliant idea, but are afraid of not being understood? We understand those barriers.

Thus we specialize in custom printing, offering design advice and a wide range of over 50 products ranging from t-shirts to mugs and hoodies.

Our approach focuses on three key pillars:

First, creating personalized t-shirts for all types of occasions, from birthdays to events or family trips. Secondly, we offer personalized gifts ideal for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and special dates such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. In addition, we manage international orders, sending special gifts to family members in the United States from Latin America. Finally, we provide consulting services to companies, offering solutions in logo design, business cards, work clothing and advertising material.

At Disadesign, we make ideas come true, no matter how extraordinary they seem. Empathy guides every step we take, being a brand that cares about product quality and humane treatment. We have inspiring stories from clients who have found in us the means to express love, reconciliation and gratitude through our creations. We have impacted more than 700 clients and our purpose goes further: we want to expand to offer job opportunities and encourage personal and professional growth, especially in the Hispanic and LGBTQ+ community. Our future purpose includes establishing a learning academy that nurtures and empowers other entrepreneurs, sharing knowledge on product customization and stamping techniques.<br><br>


Our company is governed by solid and transformative values: we are diverse, innovative, empathetic, committed and responsible. Disadesign is more than a brand: we are a symbol of openness, growth and pride. Don’t let fear stop you; Join us and discover a world of limitless possibilities. Welcome to a community where diversity is celebrated and growth is inevitable!”